Empowering Women: Mia Redd Feature

Mia Redd Magnetude Jewelry

Celebrating Empowering Women

“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink” – Gina Carey

In honor of our Empowering Women Campaign, we are proud to feature one of the most passionate Gem Rep Team Leaders at Magnetude Jewelry: Mia Redd. In this week’s blog, we are featuring Mia in an exclusive interview to learn more about her values and motivations as Gem Rep:

How were you introduced to Magnetude Jewelry?

I was vending for another company at a home show and met Dr. Tracey. We struck up conversation and she told me all about her company showed me all of the products that they carried. Once she muscle tested me, I was sold and knew that this would be an amazing business opportunity.

How long can you been selling Magnetude Jewelry?

Since August 2017.

Mia Redd

How has it changed your life?

I get such a joy sharing this amazing product and showing customers their strength difference with and without our magnetic jewelry because the proof is in the pudding. Also, by being a new company, my team and income are growing consistently.

Which is your favorite Magnetude Jewelry combination?

I am a natural stone freak and there are numerous combos that I like but my favorite is a Zen base with either a turquoise or agate tude.

How do you spread the message of wellness?

I wear my necklace and bracelet daily. I also had out my brochures and business cards everywhere I go.

Can you name some strong women that inspire you?

There are so many! All strong women who are innovative and go for their dreams really inspire me.

What keeps you motivated as a Magnetude Gem Rep?

Knowing that I am helping get individuals protected and the huge potential that Magnetude offers.

Why should women join your Magnetude Jewelry team?

I am a very proactive leader and here to help anyone achieve whatever their heart desires.

Join Mia Redd’s team at Magnetudemia.com

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