You may be suffering from Geopathic Stress and not know it

Dr. Lisa Fox Testimonial

Are you experiencing Geopathic stress in your life? Most people have not heard of that term, and don’t understand the present dangers that EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) have on our mind and body. With the coming of 5G technology, it is important to educate yourself about the harmful effects of digital devices on the body. 

The human body is a sophisticated electromagnetic system. Our nervous system and our heart are electric in nature and susceptible to electric-magnetic frequencies, which explains why if our heart stops, we shock it electrically back to life with a defibrillator. Back in 1969, Dr. David Cohen, professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to detect the magnetic fields from the human heart and brain. (research)

Exposure to man-made EMFs can interfere with the electromagnetic systems inside of our bodies. Particularly, the brain, the heart, and mitochondria are particularly susceptible to EMF frequencies and radiation. In addition, because our biology can be disrupted by EMF’s , prolonged exposure acts as a toxin and an oxidative stressor on the body which can increase inflammatory problems and disease in our body.

A group of parents in Ontario, California noticed that their children were becoming more ill than normal after their school installed WiFi..  (research). Children are particularly more susceptible to harm from EMF exposure because of their growing bodies, developing organs and nervous systems.

Symptoms Related to EMF Exposure

Chronic high levels of low frequency EMF exposure can result in, 

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Frequent illnesses
  • HPA axis dysfunction (also known as adrenal fatigue)
  • Hormone imbalance

Unfortunately, every living creature living on the planet is exposed to low levels of EMF’s now. There are cell towers, wi-fi, computers, 5G, microwaves in the air at all times. Our bodies were not designed for this type of electromagnetic exposure.

At Magnetude Jewelry, Dr. Tracey Diner has spent years focusing on ways to keep her patients healthy naturally. She is committed to keep us and our families safe with the unique interchangeable designs of magnetic tudes and versatile bases. Dr. Diner along with artist Candice Loren introduced a healthy line of bio-energetic fashion jewelry and are utilizing the concepts of these special magnets to help repel the EMFs that surround us. These are not normal magnets, these are naturally occurring rare earth magnets that resonate at a frequency that repels the EMF’s from our personal space when wearing the jewelry. 

Stories and testimonials come in daily from customers about how Magnetude Jewelry has changed their Well-being. One particular experience was shared by Dr. Lisa Fox this month after visiting her wellness center. Her wellness practitioner had advised her to consider wearing magnetic jewelry to help reduce her geopathic stress levels. By coincidence, her friend who was also a Magnetude Jewelry Gem rep mentioned that she was carrying a new line of healthy magnetic jewelry.  Dr. Fox was immediately interested and purchased our Balance base with the Labradorite tude and a cirq bracelet also with a matching Labradorite tude

Dr. Fox went back to her wellness center and was tested with and without the Magnetude Jewelry. Many of us may have seen how our muscle test shows a positive and strong response  against a cell phone held up to your ear while wearing Magnetude Jewelry, and how we weaken with the cell phone up to our ear when not wearing the jewelry. But we know that there are still some skeptics out there that want to see the data. We were able to obtain the Geopathic test results from Dr. Fox and below is her testimonial and explanation of what tests were used and the results. We hope that this testimonial will help further support the importance of protecting your energetic wellness with Magnetude Jewelry. EMF over exposure is real, this is why Belgium and France have outlawed 5G in their countries! 

Everyone needs to be wearing this jewelry, and we even have dog tags because dogs cells and organs are affected just like ours are! 

Read Dr. Lisa Fox’s testimonial below:

There are two different tests. One is the Quickcheck, the other is Asyra. Both are Bioenergetic diagnostic and treatment units.

I have documented 2 tests, the only difference in the tests, is in the first test I wasn’t wearing the Magnetude Jewelry, and the second, I was wearing the Magnetude Jewelry .  Please watch the following recommended videos to understand what the tests measure.

The Asyra unit is the more precise diagnostic and treatment tool.

It measures the level of dissonance in your body and Geopathic stress. EMF is one of the markers. 

When tested without the jewelry on, my body is extremely sensitive to Geopathic EMF stress. It’s always one of my top 2 issues. There is no supplement you can take to mitigate the EMFs that are bombarding your body everyday. 

When tested wearing the jewelry, Geopathic stress falls out of one of the top 2 red stressors and falls down into the green which means it’s balancing Geopathic stress on my body!

I will now be wearing my jewelry all the time! 

Diagram 1 shows without Magnetude Jewelry

Geopathic Stress 1

Diagram 2 shows Dr. Lisa Fox’s results while wearing her Magnetude Jewelry.

Geopathic Stress 2

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