No more tingling in my hand

I work on my phone at night in bed, and I used to get a tingling feeling in my hand from holding the phone so long, since wearing Magnetude Jewelry I have no tingling in my hand while holding the phone whatsoever!

Joyce, AZ

Headache is gone

We just hooked up our TV through wifi a few days ago and I started to get weird headaches. I put on my Magnetude necklace and within a few minutes the headache was gone and hasn’t been back.g in my hand while holding the phone whatsoever!

Renee, MN

Not taking sleeping meds anymore

I wore my jewelry faithfully for a one week trial, I’ve always had trouble sleeping. Since that trial week, I’ve been sleeping longer and not taking sleeping meds. I am a believer! I use essential oils too, and now will have a beautiful diffuser to wear in my jewelry. Thank you!

Karen, MO

Dramatically less headaches and my dog has stopped limping

Magnetude Jewelry has made a positive impact in this family.  I suffer from severe migraine headaches; since my purchase and use of the jewelry, the intensity and frequency of these headaches have lessened dramatically. My husband, an insomniac and big Starbucks fan, had a more restful and uninterrupted sleep by having a piece of the jewelry on the nightstand nearby. Most significantly, my “senior” (13 years young) dog, diagnosed with severe arthritis, stopped limping within hours of wearing her magnitude pet tag. To say “ …you’ll have to pry (the jewelry) from our cold, dead hands“ [Charlton Heston in PLANET OF THE APES]” is an understatement.

Ilene, NJ

Coolest ever

We love Magnetude Jewelry! Such fun and creative designs made by 2 fantastic ladies! I love the fact that I can have one necklace and easily change the look. My 7 year old daughter also has one and thinks it’s the coolest necklace ever!

Kathleen A.


Awesome product! everyone is being bombarded with wi-fi pollution and needs EMF protection

Jessica C.