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Why Join our Team?

Magnetude Jewelry has just launched, and this truly is a ground floor opportunity. If you are looking for an innovative new company with a line of jewelry that is patent pending and unlike any other jewelry on the market, then you may have found your new home!  We cultivate a culture of camaraderie and team players  and we support that with one of the most generous compensation plans in the party planning industry.

 Check out some of the highlights of our plan:

  • 30% commissions on your personal sales, with an opportunity to make an additional 10% more based on your personal volume
  • No monthly minimum requirements to be paid on your personal sales or customer purchases.
  • 6 Ways to Get Paid  –  Personal Sales, Personal Sales Bonuses, Fast Start Free Product, Fast Start Sponsor Bonuses, Team Bonuses and Generation Bonuses.
  • Up to 12% on your team commissions with no break away
  • Up to 2% on generation bonuses

Whether you want to work part time for some extra vacation money and pay some bills, or you want to work into making this a meaningful income for you, you are welcome to join us!                                             

sign up as a gem representative

This is our recommended starter kit including these 6 bases:         Solo, V , Zen,  Elipse, Silver Framed, and Silver Dusk.

$359 Kit – ‘Show on the Go’

You will be ready to host a party, show your friends, or sign up others. The case has lots of room to grow as you grow your Magnetude Business. 

This kit comes with our beautiful Base case and 2 Medium Magnetic Tude Boards to display your tudes as shown. It include 6 of our most popular bases, 22 of our more popular tudes in a variety of the price points, 4 stainless steel chains, 50 Trifold brochures, and 1 year of your own replicated website.…..A $744 Value! 


$169 Kit – Starter Kit

This is our starter kit for those who want to ease in to starting their Magnetude Jewelry business. It’s great for those one on one lunches with your girlfriends or those that will do most of their business online. It includes a beautiful medium magnetic tude board to display your tudes, a turquoise tote with lots of pockets and a small bag attached. It contains 3 bases and a mix of 12 popular tudes from the different price points. It comes with 3 chains, 25 brochures, and includes one year of your own replicated website.  A $369 Value! 


$999 Kit – Big Splash Rep Kit

This kit is for our serious Gems that want to make a big splash in their home parties or want to start to do vendor events. Take advantage of the deepest discount and variety in this kit. The Big Splash includes 15 bases of our popular designs, 2 Bracelets, a Cirq and a Geo, 2 sets of earrings, Duo and Dangle, 2 Large Magnetic Tude boards for larger displaying, 70 tudes, 18 Stainless Steel chains, 100 Trifold flyers, and a 1 year use of your own personal website.       A $2,012 Value!

$79 website screen

$79 Kit

This is a kit that has no inventory or jewelry. This basic starter kit gives you your own full functioning replicated website.  This allows you to be a “Gem” and purchase at our wholesale gem pricing and sell to your customers through your website and earn commissions.