How does the jewelry protect me from EMFs and 5G?

We use the strongest rare earth magnets on the planet in our jewelry. This magnet has a natural frequency that repels EMF’s from our body, which pushes away the effects of EMF’s on a cellular level. Because 5G is so much stronger than 4G, some countries are not allowing it. But here in the US, everyone needs to be wearing our jewelry now as 5G is now here and effecting us!

Why does muscle testing work?

Muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology, is a very well known and respected method among Chiropractors or other healing arts. In essence, our brain is like a computer, and if we know how to access it, we can get specific information. For example, if you put refined sugar on your tongue your muscles weaken for a while because refined sugar is not good for your body.

We will see this in a weak arm muscle test. Similarly, the body will respond by weakening when there is something that isn’t good for it either ingested or in the body’s energy field. This is why we can hold a phone that is on up to your head and show you that your muscles weaken, because the EMF that is being emitted, scrambles the brain’s ability to communicate properly with the body.

Changing nothing but putting our Tude with the magnet in the person’s energy field, will immediately strengthen the person, because the magnet is pushing away the EMF’s which allows the brain to once again speak uninterrupted to the body!

What is the difference between nickel and gold magnet backings?

Most magnets are ceramic or nickel plated. Ceramic magnets have no healthy qualities and are man made and lose their strength over time. Our Neodymeum magnets are made of natural material and hold their charge for about 40,000 years! We joke if you lose strength at 35,000 years we’ll give you your money back!! Lol  Nickel is not good for us and many people have an allergic reaction to it. We have no nickel in our products.

Can I sell the jewelry at local shows?

Yes, of course. We want you to sell and vend at local shows and events. Share the jewelry, sell the jewelry and find other’s who want to do the same! We have everything a rep needs to get started to do that. We have banners, pop-up banners, trifold flyers, display boards, tablecloths with our logo… etc.

Which is your most popular rep package?

Both the $169 and the $359 kits are most popular. The kits are your one time opportunity to get the best deal on the jewelry, so we recommend reaching for the largest kit you are able to.

Which is more effective, the bracelet or the necklace?

We get this question a lot, the answer is they are both effective. The fact that the bracelet is in your energy field makes it as effective as our necklaces.

Where do these natural stones come from?

We source our natural stones from all over the world

Does the size of the tudes have a bigger effect if it were larger tudes?

The magnets we use in the Tiny tudes, have a stronger gauss strength in a smaller area, and the large Megatude magnets have a slighty lower gauss strength but in a larger field that it covers, that’s the physics of it, but they both work!

How does polarity work?

The polarity of magnets means one side pushes away and one side would attract. Our magnets are set so that they sit on the body and push away the EMF’s

Is having 2 tudes better than one on a necklace?

Sure the more you can wear the stronger the EMF repelling you will have, and don’t forget that all our bases have the energy balls on the back (infrared and negative ions) which help to increase blood flow for healing and may help to increase serotonin, our happy hormone!

Can I sell the jewelry internationally?

Our reps can ship to their customers internationally, but we growing in the US, and won’t be able to open other countries for reps for a little while