Empowering Women: Ilene Cohn Feature

Empowering Women - Ilene Cohn

Celebrating Empowering Women

In January 2019, Magnetude Jewelry wants to acknowledge women who are doing good as well as inspiring and lifting up the spirits of those around them. Magnetude Jewelry founders, Dr. Tracey Diner and Candice Loren want to celebrate inspiring women that make the world a better place. We’ve designed our fashion jewelry to protect our energetic wellness and empower women (and men) to build their own business.

An Exclusive Interview with Ilene Cohn

“There is Power in Relationships” – Ilene Cohn

Ilene Cohn

Tell us about yourself and when did you join Magnetude Jewelry?

I am a mother, wife, lawyer, nutritionist, advanced clearing practitioner, coach, speaker and trainer author, teacher and doctoral candidate in natural medicine, among other things… I became a founding rep for Magnetude Jewelry in May of 2018.

I was introduced to Magnetude Jewelry by reading a Facebook post; I then contacted the author of the post, and then had the privilege of speaking with the co-founder, Dr. Tracey Diner. I signed up immediately and purchased the largest kit available.

How has Magnetude Jewelry affected your life?

Magnetude Jewelry has made a positive impact in this family.  I suffer from severe migraine headaches; since my purchase and use of the jewelry, the intensity and frequency of these headaches have lessened dramatically. My husband, an insomniac and big Starbucks fan, had a more restful and uninterrupted sleep by having a piece of the jewelry on the nightstand nearby. Most significantly, my “senior” (13 years young) dog, diagnosed with severe arthritis, stopped limping within hours of wearing her magnitude pet tag. To say “ …you’ll have to pry (the jewelry) from our cold, dead hands“ [Charlton Heston in PLANET OF THE APES]” is an understatement.

What drew you to Magnetude Jewelry?

What drew me to the line initially were the stunning jewelry pieces. Since I was a teenager,  I have been collecting gemstones in jewelry and in raw form (In fact, my sons and I visited gem and mineral shows as children, as well. )The Magnetude Jewelry is beautiful, and each stone or crystal  (tude)  is unique. Wearing the bases ( settings) are similar to modeling sculpture.  The most difficult aspect about being a rep for this company is having to say goodbye to some of the pieces in personal inventory as they are sold.

Which is your favorite Magnetude Jewelry combination?

My favorite Magnetude Jewelry combination is the trilogy base, with crystal tudes, and the gold and silver harmony base with a Labradorite tude.  I wear the solo base almost every day, with a Shambala ball tude;  everyone mistakes it for a pave diamond!

Spreading the message of wellness…

I have been speaking on the topic of health and wellness at legal seminars, holistic expos and women’s conferences for decades; I have several nutrition degrees and am certified as a coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell group. I also do personal and business consultation that centers around the importance of health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit, in reducing stress. Stress causes inflammation and inflammation causes disease.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by women that are trailblazers, and who overcome personal and professional obstacles; Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a brilliant jurist sitting on the United States Supreme Court; Linda Cohn, my sister, who was the first woman hired at ESPN as on-air talent for their flagship show: SPORTSCENTER,  27 years ago, my colleague and friend Mariaelena First, attorney and  one of the few female presidents of the Queens County Bar Association as well as being a holistic practitioner…and of course, Tracey and Candice for undertaking this enterprise – and Charn Pennewaert, for her amazing accomplishments and tenacity in life.I am motivated by my children and grandchildren, and the chance to impact lives on a daily basis, person by person,  in a positive fashion!

What is your inspiring message to women?

Women need to remember we are capable of everything. We are loving nurturers and have the ability possessed only by our gender to compartmentalize,- juggle a multitude of responsibilities from brain surgery to assembling a child’s lunch. We are universal healers, by our words and in action.

Joining Ilene’s Team

I invite everyone, men and women, to work with Magnetude Jewelry and in particular, join my team! I have been a member of and have conducted leadership, and personal, and business (sales) development workshops in and for different companies in the Direct Sales industry for more than 25 years. I am committed to the success of every team member, and to the happiness of every customer. As my business partners know, I am available to assist with vendor events, one on one recruitment and three-way calls. Visit Ilene’s  Magnetude Jewelry page.

Why do you recommend Magnetude Jewelry?

This is the perfect company to empower women, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. We are a family, and we help each other. The components of the jewelry help the body heal, elevate mood, and protect from the toxicity of EMFs, an increasing danger in the modern technological world. Of all the companies I have worked with and for, Magnetude Jewelry has the best offering: beautiful interchangeable EMF protection genuine gemstone and crystal necklaces, pendants, bracelets, scarf/tie pins, and pet tags… for humans 2-102 years young and fur babies of all ages. Guilt-free jewelry that sells itself!

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